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Utility Ecosystem Study

By Nicole Bump

There is ultimate value in understanding your business’ market as a network of participants and being able to influence the right actors at the right time. You can gain this understanding of your network through an ecosystem study—which we recently conducted of our own internet and broadband markets.

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“The Ecosystem Journey: Getting Closer to the Customer?”

– Christian Sarkar and Philip Kotler

The history of humankind’s evolution is one of collaboration and connectedness. Without language, we would never have built cities. Without culture, we would have no nations. Unlike machines, humans need other humans to survive.

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“How to Compete in a Post-GDPR World”

– Frank Grillo

The EU General Protection Data Regulation GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act are changing the face of data driven marketing. The customer’s right to privacy and their ability to control how their information is used is now paramount.

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“Your Secrets to Success in the Subscription Economy—Lessons from Netflix, Ipsy, BMW”

– Nicole Bump

Would you marry someone for financial gain?
Maybe. Some people do. But not too many of us would admit it, and it’s not likely to be a recipe for a healthy, long-term relationship. The same goes for subscription services.

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