Enabling Consumers to Live Their Connected Life

Bridgevine is the premier provider of technology and marketing solutions that make the process of buying and selling subscription services–easy.

What We Do

Internet is the catalyst to helping consumers connect their home and lives. Offering Internet and other home related services to your customers extends the value of your brand and gets your customers closer to living their connected life. With Bridgevine’s technology tools and digital marketplace, we can enable your company to do just that.

What Do You Need?

Are you looking to sell complementary products and services to your customers?

Our technology platform can enable you to sell digital home services, such as Internet, TV and Home Security.

Are you looking for someone to help you market additional products and services to your customers?

With our digital marketplace and call center solutions, we facilitate the sale on your behalf.

Are you looking to get your products and services offered to relevant audiences?

Your offers can be easily added to our catalog to be sold to customers with a high propensity to buy.

How Can We Help You?


  • Increase your customer satisfaction (CSAT) and provide more value to your customers by positioning your utility as a trusted resource that provides helpful content and tools to help them make informed purchasing decisions for their home.
  • Extend the conversation with your utility customers with our Continuous Engagement experiences, allowing you to provide special offers, relevant content and helpful resources—after their initial interaction and beyond.
  • Provide your customers with relevant offers with the use of our data-driven customer journey mapping.

Real Estate

  • Capture digital data throughout a mover’s search to re-engage them at the right time—before, during and after their move.
  • Give your residents a reason to stay engaged by providing a single destination to research, compare, shop and buy subscription home services—once they’ve settled into their new home.
  • Leverage our lifecycle marketing capabilities to build an on-going conversation with new residents who’ve just signed their lease.


  • Use our technology tools to cross-sell complementary home services (eg. Internet) to your customers who just purchased an electronic device (eg. laptop)—while your sales associates are interacting with your customers in-store, in your online environments or in your contact center.
  • Give your customers access to a digital marketplace where they can research everything for their connected life.


  • Get your products, services and promotions in front of highly targeted audiences who are ready to buy.
  • Easily add your products and services to our extensive portfolio of offers and acquire new customers along the way.

Digital Consumer Marketplace

The establishment of electrical and Internet services is foundational to the connected home. With Bridgevine’s Digital Consumer Marketplace, utilities connect your electricity and we connect your Internet—and other essential digital home services—all in one place.

The Digital Consumer Marketplace helps consumers perform multiple tasks, during the move event and beyond, such as:

  • Complete enrollments for subscription services like Internet, TV, home security and more
  • Purchase energy-efficient products
  • Find tradespeople to help with home improvement and technology installation projects
  • Read articles and compare offers about home services and products
  • And more!

Our Capabilities

Some of the
largest utilities

rely on us to deliver, protect and add value to their customers.

The largest
telecom company

in the world relies on us every minute of the day.

retail stores

leverage our platform to cross-sell adjacent services to create the best bundle.

We acquire customers for

20 of the top 20

telecom and communications companies in the US.

We enable

50,000+ call center

agents across the globe to sell subscription services.

We sell more


than any other marketing, technology or ad agency in the US.

We are trusted with
the leading

real estate

listing site for rentals.

We help

millions of

purchase subscription

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